Stupid, Simple is the way to keep it.

5:12 AM Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stupid, simple is the way to keep it.

Yeah a reversal of the old acronym, Kiss, Keep It Simple Stupid, but you want some creativity in the title, right?

Keeping it simple is a phrase that is pitched around may schools, many adhere to it, other schools not so much. I for one really try to winnow things down and keep it simple. I have spoken to it before, and with some depth in a set of previous posts called Smith's Rules of Design, they are listed below:

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But the other day a cryptic message came in from a guy that I really like, we have traveled to a couple of counties together and have trained with and around many of the same people. He is always looking at the world and his art with a thoughtful internal dialogue. And he makes me laugh hard with throw away lines that he just tosses out at any moment, and often recklessly, you have to respect that.

His mail in total is attached below:

as I've said before, I really like essentialism (in martial arts, and other things)

This nails it

There ya go. Simple direct and really effective. Heck even his e-mail was simple.

I have some serious pruning to do to catch up with him. Soooo...I should stop writing now.


  1. Thats awesome.


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