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7:50 AM Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is from an interview with Fumio Demura, Shito-Ryu karate practitioner, author, and actor from “Classic Fighting Arts” Magazine Vol. 2 No. 14. His comments are just so good that I have reproduced them here.

“I like the world karate championships, but I don’t like the Olympics. Why! Because so-called Olympic karate is not a martial art, and so it’s not karate, as I understand it. There is no ranking system, no teacher student relationship, no discipline, and no structure. Only the people who win receive attention - everyone else gets none. And even champions are soon discarded as the next batch of fast young kids come up to take their places. On the other hand, serious karate people, those who train for the world championships, tend to view competition only as an interesting diversion, and go back to serious training in the dojo after they finish competing.”

- Fumio Demura

...that is a tight, well thought out expression of what karate is by saying what it is not.

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  1. I love this post. You could say Demura taught me through books, as I have plenty of his. A great man. I'll go Karate tonight feeling better after I spar.
    Thank's Kris,

    Duane Emsley

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