Monkey Dance in Real Life

11:58 AM Thursday, August 7, 2008



A 60-year-old Rainier Beach man seriously injured in a dispute over a neighborhood traffic circle died Thursday night at Harborview Medical Center. James Paroline had been in a coma since being punched and hitting his head on the concrete during the altercation Wednesday.”

Marc “Animal” McYoung calls it Escalado; Rory Miller calls it The Monkey Dance. It is real and here is a real example of the Escalado / Monkey Dance.

  1. 60-year-old man, James Paroline, petitioned the city to put in traffic circle at high accident intersection.
  2. Paroline tends flowers in traffic circle and puts safety cones by his garden hose to keep people from driving over the hose – effectively blocking that side of the intersection.
  3. Three girls roll up; demand he move the cones, Paroline refuses.
  4. Name calling.
  5. Girls attempt to move cones.
  6. He shoots them with water from garden hose.
  7. Shoving ensues.
  8. Girls call Brian Keith Brown, a 28-year-old, two-time convicted felon.
  9. Brown drives to the scene, confronts Paroline and punches him in the face. Paroline hits head on pavement and dies in the hospital.

At any point between the numbers 3 to 9, this incident could have been avoided. Somebody could have broken up the dance, but – they – just - could – not - do - it.

Paroline is dead, Brown is charged with 2nd degree Murder (In the United States that is “Non pre-meditated killing.”), he surely is going to prison ( as he is a twice-convicted felon), and the young women who fanned the flames, well, they go home, and sleep in their own beds with no comprehension of what transpired.

Here is a little exercise. Take a look at those events in 3 through 9 and at each moment think how could you have defused it. Does that mean swallowing pride, maybe, will it be seen as weakness by the other, sure. If you give a little room with the other person in the dance, will you need to take more, yup. Will names be cast, count on it. Bottom line, somebody needs to be the adult.


  1. tion that it should probably never have gotte as far as step 2 - the city authorities should not have allowed him to block the intersextion - couldn't/shouldn't he have kept the hose on his own property and taken it across as/when required when the traffic was quiet ?

    I'm not saying that he "deserved" to die or anything (god forbid) or that there was no other fault in the situation but the situation should be "defused" at the earliest posible point - and this is my point - prevented for happening in the first place.


  2. The sad thing is that each and every one of us have dealt with the 'Monkey Dance' time and again, though it is often to a lesser extent, especially in marriage.

    I know that I am also guilty of being stubborn, head-strong, all that, though I usually have enough sense to back off when things look like they are getting TOO serious.
    However, I learned this the hard way and had to be reminded of it time and again.

    It is just sad, I would expect an old-guy like that to have a bit more sense, but, as it often seems, that is rarely the case.


  3. Loved this post! I would really like to go in-depth on this post as there are a lot of things that can be brought up that would be good food for thought, but I would have to end up spending a good hour or two going over the entire thing. Therefore, I am going to simply ask, "What happened to the girls involved in this? Were they ever held accountable for their involvement in the entire affair?

    Chikara Kan

  4. People are stupid. A hose isn't going to break in half in a car runs over it. The guy shouldn't have squirted the girls with water. The girls should have not told Brian. Brian and the guy should have both backed down. People need to be have humility. They cannot get on their ego and think that they are better than another person. People cannot think that they are always right. People cannot get offended, get angry, and take revenge. Both parties are in the wrong because they were after to get each other. People need to be more kind, considerate, and forgiving. If people were like that, the world would be such a better place.


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